Author, Scientist, Aspiring Renaissance Man

The title of this bio probably says more about me than any long-winded essay ever could – I enjoy writing, science, and humor – but I’ll admit it's a bit brief. For those in search of a little more info, read on.

Like so many before me, I’m a transplanted Midwesterner now living on the West Coast. I grew up in a small town outside Detroit, and my late teens and early twenties were spent at the University of Michigan studying chemical engineering; a move that led me to my first great epiphany: just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should be doing it. Several irritating chemistry classes and one seriously demanding undergrad degree later, I found something much more up my alley – genetics, medicine, and biology in general.

I stuck around Michigan long enough to get a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering, but after twenty-some years in one place, it was time to move on (if only for more schooling). I needed a change of
scenery; preferably something with less snow and some decent views. California, here I came. Five and half years later and I was the proud recipient of a joint PhD in bioengineering from UC Berkeley and UCSF. Technically you can call me “Doctor,” but almost nobody does that.