Academic Publications

Journal Articles
13) Proteomic identification of biomarkers of vascular injury
12) Dura mater regeneration with a novel synthetic bilayered nanofibrous dural substitute
10) TGF-beta and Notch signaling mediate stem cell differentiation into smooth muscle cells
9) The effect of fiber alignment and heparin coating on cell infiltration into nanofibrous PLLA scaffolds
8) Proteomic profiling of mesenchymal stem cell responses to mechanical strain and TGF-beta1
7) Differential effects of x-rays and high-energy 56Fe ions on human mesenchymal stem cells
6) Mechanical stimulation of stem cells using uniaxial cyclic strain
5) Mechanobiology of mesenchymal stem cells and their use in cardiovascular repair
4) Bioactive nanofibers: synergistic effects of nanotopography and chemical signaling on cell guidance
3) Anisotropic mechanosensing by mesenchymal stem cells
2) Regulation of vascular smooth muscle cells and mesenchymal stem cells by mechanical strain
1) Designation of the TARP syndrome and linkage to Xp11.23-q13.3 without samples from affected patients

Cellular Mechanotransduction (Chapter 17)